Real Cases

Some key projects of Driving01 include:

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A Digital Readiness Check for our client, a European airline, assisted them to determine where to focus their efforts to increase their degree of digital maturity. The resulting plan was then aligned with their existing strategy.

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Project BOT

An AI bot was designed and implemented to assist a client to handle a large number of repetitive requests within their network. This bot greatly improved both system efficiency and productivity.

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For customers who do not require their own licensed bot we have developed the Bot aaS (Bot as a Service), accessible from the cloud. This technology allows our clients to utilize AI capabilities as they need them, without the need to implement them into their own information systems.

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Digital Signature

European legislation and that of its member countries, allows for the use of secure digital signatures within many processes in which local presence is not longer necessary. This technology was utilized to prevent the necessity for travel, saving our clients time and money.

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NLP/NLU Reviews

Analyzing the opinions (reviews) of customers online is essential to predict their needs and detect trends automatically. The implementation of AI-based Natural Language Processing allowed our client to respond quickly to client concerns and needs with minimal effort.

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IT Cockpit

Efficient monitoring of complex information systems can require specialized management technologies. An IT Cockpit was developed to facilitate real-time analysis of a client´s system, allowing them to concentrate on the governance of other activities.


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